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There's a lot of buzz surrounding the Lemon Detox Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse Diet, the Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemonade Diet. By now you've probably heard that it can rejuvenate your body in 10 days. Recently it seems like every Hollywood actress or actor who needs to get in shape is turning to this decades hold health system that involves drinking a lemonade mixture made from Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper.


The results people are getting with the Lemon Juice Detox Diet seem amazing, but there's something about the diet nobody is telling you...


The Fact Is  -  "The Lemon Detox Diet Is Not Easy"

Maybe you have tried it too - and like me have failed maybe a few times.

With all the incredible benefits you get by doing the Lemon Juice Detox people are overlooking that it's kind of hard to say on it for 10 days. Even with the excitement of waking up and seeing your belt one notch tighter then the night before, or feeling light and energized all day, staying motivated for the whole 10 days can be hard. That's the bad news.


The good news is there's a book that makes the Lemon Juice Detox Diet / Master Cleanse 10-Day Diet a little easier. That's right, this book will make the 10 days you spend on the lemon cleanse "a little easier". I wish there was a way to make the Lemon Diet Detox super easy but that's impossible. But just by helping you deal with the hunger  and some of the other roadblocks that pop up during the lemon diet this book has helped ordinary people who might not have lasted a day on the Lemon Detox Diet make it through the entire 10 days. You can find out more about the book by going to Master Cleanse Secrets  


With All The Diets Out There To Choose From - Why Bother With The Master Cleanse Diet ? 

It Works

The first and most obvious reason is that it works. The results people are getting with the Master Cleanse border on miraculous, and they are backed by thousands of devoted people who are living testimonials to the effectiveness of the Master Cleanse.


 It's Fast

The second reason people choose the Master Cleanse over other diets and wellness programs is that it's fast. The typical person only needs to spend 10 days on the Master Cleanse, compared to other diets that can last for months or even years. You can see why people choose the Master Cleanse.


Short Term Burst Of Will Power

Another interesting thing about the Master Cleanse lasting 10 days is that you only need a short term burst of will power to get through it. Having to sacrifice for months is what makes other diets so hard to stay on, however most people can will there way through 10 days.



Did The Master Cleanse Secrets Make A Difference ?

After completing the 10-day lemon diet detox using the Master Cleanse Secrets, I lost 10 pounds and made it to my ideal goal of 130 pounds which I had battled for quite some time. I noticed an improvement in the look of my skin, hair and nails - even my friends commented how good I looked. The first 3 days were the hardest, the Master Cleanse really help me over that 'hump'. Although I did experience some discomfort, the side effects were minor compared to my earlier experience with the diet.

I used the Master Cleanse to maintain my weight on my wedding day - a method that is explained in the Master Cleanse Secrets guide. I looked and felt great as I walked down the aisle. Without hesitation I would recommend the Master Cleanse diet for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds fast, wanting to sleep better, have more energy and alertness or improve your skin tone.  




What is Master Cleanse Secrets ?

Master Cleanse Secrets is basically a guide that teaches you step-by-step, the right way to perform the Lemon Juice Detox Cleanse. The book is written by Raylen Sterling, publisher of the Master Cleanse Secrets Newsletter, and a women who has struggled with weight and health issues since she was a child.  

The thing about Raylen that particularly caught my attention is that she is firmly opposed to the 'fanatical' approach that many people take with regard to body cleansing. She has developed techniques that can be safely used without jeopardizing your health.




            So What Can You Expect After 10 Days On the Master Cleanse ?

Although most people are going on the Master Cleanse Diet to lose weight quickly, there are many other health benefits to be gained by doing the lemon juice detox cleanse. Flushing out your system is what the Master Cleanse is really designed to do.

Even back 60 years ago when the Master Cleanse was first invented people had health problems as a result of waste building up inside of them. Today with pollution around us, processed foods and all round poor diets our bodies desperately need to be flushed out every once in a while.

When you flush out your body with the Master Cleanse the waste that you eliminate will be abnormal. The smell, color and texture of the waste that exits your body shocks some people, so you should be prepared. 

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* Important Note * - Detoxing should not be entered into suddenly and without preparation. The reason is that you may harm your body as it is not ready to deal with the mass release of its stored toxins. If you are serious about starting the Lemon Detox Diet / Master Cleanse Diet I would strongly recommend you at least read the Master Cleanse Secrets book before beginning so that you do it the right way.


What are the Ingredients In The Master Cleanse Diet ? 

The ingredients in the lemon diet detox recipe are all natural and inexpensive to buy. 

  • Pure Water
  • Fresh Lemons. Did you know that lemon is a purifying food as well as a rich source of vitamins and minerals ? A lemon detox drink can help remove fat, energize and tone the body and help cleanse the liver.
  • Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne pepper breaks up mucus and stimulates the body and aids the body's cleansing process.
  • Maple Syrup. Maple syrup is high in minerals and natural sugar which help sustain the body during the cleansing activity.
  • Sea Salt. During your 10 Day Master Cleanse sea salt flushes the bowels out and is taken in the morning.

If you want to try the Master Cleanse there's more you need to know than just drinking the lemon juice mixture for 10 days.  In fact most people who try the Master Cleanse without knowing all the steps will fail. The book Master Cleanse Secrets will cover the common problems people encounter and how to avoid them.



 Here Are Just A Few Things That The Master Cleanse Secrets Will Teach You:

The Most Common Mistakes People Make - And Thus Fail !

You will find out the most common mistakes people make with the Master Cleanse Diet that damages their health and can actually make them gain weight.


How To Maintain Your Weight After 10-Days On Master Cleanse 

You'll learn some important steps to follow to keep your metabolism revived so that you don't immediately start gaining weight when you go back to your regular diet


Safe Foods To Eat

Master Cleanse Secrets wil give you a list of safe foods that won't interfere with the cleansing process. That way you won't be starved to death all the time !


 When Can I Start Master Cleanse ?

You'll find out the best day to start the Master Cleanse. And you will learn a special method for starting the Master Cleanse that's never been published, but can help you over the difficult part.


Specific Water To Drink  

You will find out the specific type of water you must use with the Master Cleanse Diet Recipe



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